Letter: Resident disagrees with plan to move historical society


letters_flatTo the editor,

What foolishness are our town officials indulging in now? Do they have their heads buried in the sand?

I’m referring to their plan to move the Naugatuck Historical Society from the railroad station to the Tuttle House.

The Tuttle House is not suitable for historical society needs “as is.” It would need work. It is on a busy corner, has inadequate public parking and is not handicap accessible above the first floor. Nor does it have seating capacity for large audiences that would attend any functions held there by the historical society.

Some individuals and groups made donations to the historical society specifically for the historical society use and needs — none others. They should be allowed to use that money for their needs, not have money-hungry scavengers “repurpose” it for their own self-serving purposes.

So what now? The vultures descend on the historical society’s remaining funds and “repurpose” if for downtown projects. Sounds to me like they still have fantasies of reinitiating Renaissance Place and are stockpiling assets for their next attack.

Virginia Donnelly