Letter: Remember what Memorial Day is about


To the editor,

Does anyone in town under the age of 30 or maybe 21 know why we celebrate Memorial Day or what it means? Do they teach these kinds of things in school any more? Franklin Johnson did and he practiced what he preached.

When people go to a parade do they do it to show honor and respect for our veterans? I doubt it. Most people go to celebrate the start or summer and picnics and parties or to hang out with their friends.

When the parade ends at the Green most people just scatter in different directions. Each year there are less and less people who stay for the ceremonies to honor our heroes who served in and died in wars such as World War I and World War II, the Korean War and Vietnam War. How sad that people cannot take the time to pay homage to our unsung heroes, who were someone’s beloved family members and friends.

As I rode along the parade route I grew angry and disgusted to litter strewn around all over from Union City to the Green. People seem to just drop anything anywhere the instant they decide they have no more need of it. They just do it like it’s a natural thing to do. They don’t give one thought to disposing of something in a proper receptacle or even bring a bag from home. Sometimes they’re just too lazy.

I’m embarrassed and ashamed for the people who are too ignorant to feel that way about their own misdeed.

Children mimic their parents. The parents need to teach their children it is wrong to litter. You might not think twice about littering the floor of the Earth but how would you like it if someone came to your house and threw litter all over your floor?

In 2013, have a great Memorial Day but please keep please Naugatuck clean.

Virginia Donnelly