Letter: Region 16 losing true educator


letters_flatTo the editor,

Greetings, I write to you to tell the people of Region 16 that they will be losing a great man from their educational system, Mr. Joseph Nuzzo, as he is retiring. I’ve known Mr. Nuzzo for 14 years, and I must say he is a kind, thoughtful and compassionate man. 

Years ago Mr. Nuzzo hired me as a paraprofessional at Long River Middle School, and as the martial arts teacher for the adult education in Prospect\Beacon Falls. While working there Mr. Nuzzo constantly nudged me to complete my bachelor’s degree, which I did.

The most important thing that Mr. Nuzzo did for me was when he probably saved my life. While working at LRMS I fell sick, and still reported to work. Mr. Nuzzo noticed I was sick, recognized the symptoms, told me they reminded him of appendicitis. I tried to tuff it out but Mr. Nuzzo insisted that I go to the emergency room immediately. Had I not gone when he sent me my appendix, which shortly exploded, would have killed me. I will always remember this. I hope that the students, teachers, and families whose lives he has touched, recognize and appreciate Mr. Joseph Nuzzo. He is a true educator. Thank you again Mr. Nuzzo.

Troy Bond Sr.