Letter: Regency residents unfairly taxed


To the editor,

As a tax paying resident of Prospect, I must express concern regarding the targeted unfair taxation of Regency residents. The majority of Prospect residents saw a decrease in property taxes. Regency residents saw a large increase in spite of a sluggish housing market.

This taxation was the subject of discussion at the budget meeting and at a follow-up meeting. At the budget meeting, a Prospect resident stood and suggested that because we are newcomers, we are not really residents of Prospect. This was an opportunity for Mayor Chatfield to state that his job is to represent all Prospect residents and demonstrate leadership. He did not and thus the division between Regency and the rest of the town was established.

Regency at Prospect homeowners support local businesses, churches and, through taxes, local government and schools. We have a vested interest in a healthy local economy and a good school system. I am profoundly disappointed in the lack of representation and support from Mayor Chatfield as we ask to be treated fairly and justly in the town of Prospect.

Marianne Lusk