Letter: Referendum best course of action for loan vote


To the editor,

The Beacon Falls Board of Selectmen has voted to send to referendum on June 21 the five questions that comprise the proposed financing package at the heart of the 2012-13 town operating budget.  I believe strongly that this course of action is the most proper method for the town’s voters to weigh in on such an important and far-reaching issue.

Fiscal policy is the area of government at any level that most directly affects every taxpayer. The financing package of over $1.1 million represents about 16 percent of the town’s annual operating budget of over $6 million. Even over an expected payback period of up to 10 years, this amount is significant. Taking this vote to referendum, as we know well from past history will allow for a far greater number of the town’s voters to consider the questions than would likely occur at a town meeting vote.

I urge every voter to read the proposed questions, either at Town Hall or online at the town’s website, and contact us on the Board of Selectmen or members of the Board of Finance for any clarifications you may need prior to the referendum.  I look forward to answering any of your questions, and I will see you at the polls.

Chris Bielik


Beacon Falls