Letter: Public forum should be held on proposals


letters_flatTo the editor,

In regards to the most recent articles I have read concerning the privatization of numerous services now afforded to the residents of our community by that of the borough itself, I must confess it leaves me with many questions of concern.

I do fully realize that these proposals so voted upon and approved by the Board of Mayor and Burgesses are now only in their initial stage of development, yet it bothers me deeply to see such an important program as health care services is included within.

As many are undoubtedly aware, the practice of privatization has existed since that of Roman times, and as such has its share of proven pros and cons. It is my personal opinion (along with many others I have conversed with regarding this matter) that it’s time for a step or two to be taken backwards by those that approved these proposals, which sadly includes that of health care services.

Many of us strongly feel that the residents of our community are entitled to a more detailed and informative discussion regarding this important issue.

Our country was founded on the principle of, we the people, by the people and for the people. It was based upon what the majority so decided upon. That system has proved to work successfully in making America the great country it is today. Its basic foundation was derived from the input from residents of the hamlets, the villages, the towns and the boroughs scattered throughout our nation’s countryside.

Communities such as we the residents of this Borough of Naugatuck so fortunately do now reside in. These communities that I refer to consisted of residents with deep and sincere concerns for one another. They in turn processed the foresight that proved most beneficial to those that followed in their footsteps. We are a product of that concern and remain yet a link in that chain, which formed that basic foundation.

Yes, it’s true, our elected officials have voted to privatize certain services. Yet, I believe that when a program such as health care services for the residents of our community is included in such proposals then a grave injustice to the community has been done.

I ask this one question to each and everyone. Would you want that our fire department, or that of our police department, or for that matter that of any department dealing with the welfare and protection of our residents to be privatized?

I believe that we the people should be further enlightened on all the details, and that a public forum on this major issue concerning that of health care services should be held. This is an issue that warrants such attention and is without doubt of the utmost importance to each and every resident of our community.

Paul Arbitelle