Letter: Proud of getting some budget cuts


letters_flatTo the editor,

A heartfelt thanks to the hundreds of Prospect voter-taxpayers who came out in the rain June 10 to voice their opinion on Mayor Bob’s budget plan.

Although Mayor Bob prevailed by 62 votes on how he wants to spend our money on Friends of Bob and everyone else, we sent a message to him that it’s a new game now. The days of deals endorsed in Bob-friendly town meetings are over.

The two DINO Councilpersons (Democrat in Name Only) and Supporters of Bob, true SOBs, who publicly supported Republican Mayor Bob’s budget offer is a lesson to Prospect citizens. Party labels mean nothing especially when the other side is feathering your bed.

We forced Team Chatfield to go back twice to the budget drawing board and we got some cuts. We are proud of that fact. Let it be known that the budget debate is only a battle. The war to take back Prospect has only just begun.

Dominick J. Mirabelle



  1. Dominick, wow, sounds like you have anger management issues. What should the total for the Prospect town budget be and what can realistically be cut?