Letter: Proposed regulations take power away


To the editor,

One must ask, “Do we matter any more”?  Already we have the highest per capita debt burden in America. And now will they take our very right to freely own property in our towns, enjoying our solitude unencumbered by the onslaught of noisy industrial wind turbines soaring 500 feet into the sky?

If they have it their way, they will approve construction of these monsters just hundreds of feet from your house, and guess what, your town’s planning and zoning commission, nor any other local official or elected body will be able to do a thing about it. I know since I’ve been through this already in Prospect and have expert opinion and facts to back up how bad this can be for every homeowner in Connecticut.

On Tuesday, Dec. 18 the General Assembly’s Regulations Review Committee will review the Connecticut Siting Council’s recommended wind energy regulations. While the regulations proposed are lacking in far too many areas to mention, there are two glaring pokes in the eye of Connecticut’s cities and towns. With your help they can reject these regulations as proposed.

First, their proposed setback of these giant turbines is a shocking 1.5 times the height or 600 to 750 feet from a home. Secondly, they refuse to allow local governments to exercise any authority in these decisions. So you live in a town and have no control.

It’s time to call your legislators, your mayors and the Connecticut Council of Small Towns to tell them to you are not going to accept this theft of local control from our towns. Enough is enough.

Timothy C. Reilly