Letter: Prayer is answer to vandalism


To the editor,

Sharing my thoughts in regards to an article published on Friday, July 20 about the vandalism of our town’s park benches soon after they had been restored.

Catching the perpetrators (yes, they should be held accountable) won’t solve the problem. There will always be someone else to take their place.

Increasing police presence or use of cameras is not the answer. These methods can be very costly. Frankly, we can’t afford it.

However, I believe there is a solution to the problem.

On page 9 of the Citizen’s News there is a listing of churches and other places of worship in our area. When God’s people pray for a specific purpose — God hears and He answers their prayers.

These places of worship are approachable. Be part of the solution.

Everything is possible with God.

Marlene Parker