Letter: Please bring scarecrow back


To the editor,

I have been doing the flower boxes in front of the children’s village for over two years, the boxes were donated by Home Depot of Waterbury.  I maintain them, fill them, change them and do whatever I can to make the children’s village, a child-friendly place to come for all of the events and just to make it appear beautiful.

I change them with the seasons, so I just did the boxes for a fall theme, with the mums and scarecrows standing in each box, but today when I went by it looks like four or five of the eight scarecrows gone.

Now, I ask you why would anyone take a scarecrow out of a flower box, which is done for the children’s village? I have no answer to that question.

So, if you took it bring it back, replace it, but do the right thing, I have never asked for anything but for our community to be kept clean and in some order, but now this makes me feel like I have lost the cause to everything.

Everything that I do for our community, I pay for out of my pocket. I ask for nothing. I do it for the children and I do it for Naugatuck, but this makes me so wonder.

Thanks to the Citizen’s News and the community, I hope I have touched someone to do the right thing.

Linda Ramos

Chair, Beautification Committee and Adopt A Spot