Letter: Petitions are direct democracy


letters_flatTo the editor,

In recent editions of the Citizen’s News, Prospect Town Council member and gentleman Doug Merriman offered his views of citizen petitions, while Councilperson Theresa Graveline enlightened us about the dangers of supporting Louis Booth’s challenge of Mayor “for life” Bob Chatfield.

Whether the issue be gun control, abortion or entrenched Prospect politicians, the right to petition our government is enshrined in our Constitution. The only people who would oppose citizen petitions are those who may be cast off the gravy train if the silent majority petitioners win.

As for Ms. Graveline’s concerns about candidate Louis Booth’s resume and experience, I’d suggest she look north to Torrington where a young 18-year-old candidate (Republican) upset the establishment by winning the mayor’s seat multiple times. Further, Ms. Graveline appears to have no problem supporting candidates whose kids play basketball with hers or are otherwise acquainted. Besides she is supporting two other under 25 candidates, who are children of her friends, with no experience.

Seven of her preferred candidates never even appeared before the nominating committee. Staff writer Luke Marshall quotes her using “I” this or “I” that several times in her profound statements about mayor candidate Mr. Booth. She apparently doesn’t remember nor care that she is a Democratic Party member, who should be helping to elect Mr. Booth.

Councilperson Graveline seems to suffer from selective discriminations as a DINO (Democrat in name only), who marches in lock step behind pied piper Mayor Bob.

I dearly care and fear for my town and its quality of life. Our escalating tax burden affects all citizens which is why I believe in direct democracy via citizen initiatives (petitions) to thwart a small elite group’s attempts to roll over everyone else.

Dominick J. Mirabelle Jr.