Letter: Perfect attendance worth recognizing


letters_flatTo the editor,

Up until 2013 perfect attendance recognition at Naugy High School was always awarded. I know times have changed and many things are different these days. But, some things so important to a child as trying to maintain a perfect attendance for four long years should never be overlooked.

My granddaughter set a goal when she entered freshman year (2009). Very happy and proud of herself, she accomplished her goal only to find out her last week of school she would not be recognized. This great accomplishment had been taken away this year.

What a disappointment it was for her. Your family, friends and neighbors, who all were involved in helping her achieve her goal are all so very proud of her.

Great job Alysha Noss.

We all care and recognize you, continue your goal in college and your future. Some things so important to a child’s goal in life should always be noticed not disregarded.

A special thanks to our wonderful neighbors who presented my granddaughter with a personalized perfect attendance plaque for her wonderful effort. We thank you all again.

Very proud grandmother,

Cindy Noss