Letter: People should clean up after their pets



To the editor,

Over the past couple of months, I have witnessed individuals walking their pets and allowing them to do their business on my lawn and some of my neighbor’s lawns. When I confronted one of these individuals, the response I received was that the town owns 10 feet into my property and the pets should be allowed to do their business there. I believe the town has the right of way to a portion of my property, but they certainly do not own it. Anyhow, the problem continues to happen, even after I contacted the animal control officer for the borough, who went to one of these individual’s home and requested that this type of activity be stopped. It has not.

I have talked to friends who live in town and they say that this type of activity also happens in their neighborhoods. It is a shame that some of our fellow citizens have no respect for the rights and properties of others. To be fair, I have seen some who take the time to pick up their pet’s droppings, as they should. These people are courteous and respectful.

It seems that the borough lacks any kind of ordinance regarding this type of activity. Maybe it is time the powers to be do something about it. We do have leash laws, so why not laws requiring dog owners to pick up after their pets? It just makes sense.

Robert L. Genovese