Letter: Olbrys is who the community needs



To the editor,

I write this on behalf of Alex Olbrys running for burgess. I met Alex two and a half years ago at Walmart, where he is employed as a customer service manager. Alex did the refund for me at the service desk. For me it’s all about exceeding guest services and Alex just wowed me with being polite, understanding and doing the exchange for me with much ease. I have gotten to know Alex during those two and a half years and when I found out he was going to run, I was sure to write a letter on behalf of him to the RTC for their review on how and why he should be put on the ballot. Alex is a young and aspiring young person with the intelligence and ability to understand and achieve the necessary results from any duty he is given to perform.

Alex is so welcoming to peers and when we hold or visit different places in our community everyone has read his article or knows him or has been in his company, friends, family and coworkers all have a very high respect for Alex.

I, being a senior in our community, also have that same respect and want to have that “fresh” young person serving for me. I believe with his schooling, being a history major at SCSU where he is in his senior year, and Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts he is able to understand the “politics” of what our town does need, and with those “fresh” ideas from his youth would bring even more to our community.

So, please join me, in saying, “Yes, that is the person we need, for our community.” 

Linda “Gigi” Ramos

Event coordinator for Alex Olbrys’ campaign