Letter: Olbrys is a very deserving candidate



To the editor,

For the last two years, I have had the privilege of knowing Alex Olbrys as a fellow work associate, schoolmate, and mostly importantly as a friend. As you may know, Alex Olbrys is running for burgess of Naugatuck in this year’s 2013 election.

I met Alex at the local Naugatuck Walmart where we both work to pay off those student loans. In the time since Alex has started at Walmart, his exemplary work ethic has provided him the opportunity to climb up the management scale by becoming a customer service manager. Through working with Alex, I’ve come to know him as a hardworking, ethical, and an all-around people person. Alex works great with the public and through his efforts, shows his caring nature about those around him.

Alex and I also attend Southern Connecticut State University together. Work and school are two totally different environments, both of which I have been able to experience with Alex. In both environments, Alex exemplifies his perseverance by showing commitment and passion for what he does which he has been awarded for during multiple semesters at Southern by making the Dean’s List.

Through these two experiences, Alex and I have grown to become very good friends outside of work and school. We share very similar interests such as our love for driving Jeeps and the great outdoors, which Alex has become actively involved in by serving as a member of Naugatuck’s Inland Wetlands Commission for the last two years and by being a Boy Scout since the age of 5, later earning the honorable Eagle Scout rank. I’ve had the opportunity to see Alex work hard under pressure, communicate efficiently with others, and strive to do what is best for his peers and everyone around him. As I like to say, I’ve known Alex before his fame and I can honestly say that he is a very deserving candidate who wants nothing more than to benefit the borough and listen to the people around him with open eyes and ears.

Robin Jazxhi