Letter: Officials did best they could with budget


letters_flatTo the editor,

It is clear that many townsfolk here in Prospect are unhappy with the recently passed town budget and I too am not thrilled with any tax increase especially in these economic hard times. With that said, I also understand the unfortunate issues such as contractual obligations and the ever increasing costs of supplies along with other issues that increase the budget. Like most conservatives I am disappointed with any tax increase. However, I do believe that Mayor Bob and his team did the best they could under the circumstances.

Not for a minute do I believe a Democrat mayor would be able to keep costs lower. We’ve seen this played out time and time again in surrounding towns and larger cities that have been run by Democrats for years. They are facing bankruptcy and overrun with crime. That’s the last thing we want for our town. Any comparison between Prospect and other Connecticut towns will verify that our little town is still a gem amongst a state riddled with massive tax hikes and spending as well. Not to mention the blatant disregard at the state level, which is dominated by Democrats, for our state constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution.

For what it’s worth Mayor Bob, good work and let’s see what we can do next year with possibly reducing the budget.

Ron Laone