Letter: NVL president disappointed with column


letters_flatTo the editor,

On behalf of the Naugatuck Valley League administrators, I am writing to express my sincere disappointment in the content of Kyle Brennan’s most recent article in the Citizen’s News, dated March 15, 2013, entitled “Oxford finally joining the NVL.” The subject of the article seems to be a satirical letter of welcome to Oxford High School, who, as you know, has accepted an invitation to join the NVL in the fall of 2014. The tone of the article is sarcastic, condescending, and hostile. Mr. Brennan speaks on behalf of the NVL in the first person with a bitter message to our new league school that in no way depicts the opinions of those of us who actually are the NVL.

In addition, Mr. Brennan lashes out against St. Paul Catholic High School, a member school in tremendous standing within the league, full of outstanding young men and women with leadership to match. I do not presume to know how Mr. Brennan receives his information, but his depiction of St. Paul’s opinions on the Oxford matter is inaccurate and inflammatory. Each athletic director and principal involved in our meetings has the task of serving two masters — school and league. This is a challenge with which all of our leaders must contend as issues arise wherein the paths of the two masters do not always coincide. Time and again each of our schools performs professionally and admirably in this capacity as we always seek the best outcome for all student athletes involved. We are proud to call St. Paul Catholic a member of the NVL. To suggest otherwise in the name of our league is upsetting and, furthermore, borderline libelous. Literary license should not excuse such irresponsibility for Mr. Brennan.

It is our hope that this matter be addressed with Mr. Brennan to avoid the reoccurrence of such an article. There are so many positive things to be said about our league and high school sports in general. I would hope that in the future this is where Mr. Brennan’s focus will remain.

Tom Pompei


Naugatuck Valley League


  1. Wake up and smell the roses, Mr. Pompei!!
    As a representative of the NVL, I would expect nothing less than the usual Not Very Legitamite point of view. St. Paul, Bristol, in the Naugatuck Valley? Being born and raised in Bristol, my geographical education tells me Bristol is in the Farmington Valley region…or you could always count the Pequabic River Valley as it trickles down through the heart of Bristol.
    Why does the league have to change starting times for after school games to compensate the distance buses have to tavel to get to a league opponent? Or, why do schools freshman and jv teams have to lose game time because certail league schools won, or can’t provide transportation due to cost?
    Question a reporters point of view? Focus on the real issues like those occuring on the football fields of Naugatuck and now Torrington Hogh School…But, I guess a league that has been bullied by the likes of Ansonia Football for decades doesn’t have the pulse of the real Naugatuck Valley!!!