Letter: Neighborhood comes together in snowstorm

Residents of Tudor Lane in Naugatuck came together Monday morning to clear their street. –CONTRIBUTED
Residents of Tudor Lane in Naugatuck came together Monday morning to clear their street. –CONTRIBUTED

To the editor,

Talk about cabin fever. I’m certain many of us experienced the irritability and restlessness of not being plowed out of their roads after an incredible 30-inch hit Naugatuck. I was one that wasn’t expecting us to get so much snow and did not prepare well. I had minimal food and supplies as well as a child who was at a sleepover. Who knew the sleepover would be four nights.

On the morning of Feb. 11 I was determined to get out. I encouraged my older daughter Raquel, who was home with us and my husband Dave to take our one snow blower, two shovels and start making a path. We live sort of in the middle of our street so we were not certain what direction to go in; right or left.

We chose left. We were made aware a neighbor had to be pulled out by friends and family to give birth so a path was started on a close by side road, so it made sense to go in that direction.

So right around 9 a.m. we headed out, we had already done our porch and driveway preparing for the plows so we started in the middle of the road.

Eventually our neighbors began to pop out and asked what they could do. We had a couple extra bodies, shovels and one more snow blower.

Than we were ending to that side road that previously had started to be cleared but also left our street with a nice 6-to 7-foot-mountain of snow.

We called onto one neighbor who we knew had helped the family get to the hospital, whom I have only spoken to once or twice but visited his establishment a few times. He came through for me. He came as he said within 20 minutes with his plow.

I know the mayor, the contractors, even the National Guard were all doing their very best but I could just not wait any longer.

We are forever grateful to Frank owner of Dee-Mans Bar & Grill in Naugatuck, and to all the wonderful, supportive neighbors of Tudor Lane who came out, we couldn’t have done it without you.

A huge congratulations to the Wood family for their new born son. A storm his parents and siblings will never forget.

Tammy Loustaunau