Letter: Nardello votes past party lines for integrity


To the editor,

Throughout southern Prospect you will find a friendly community. You will not find a sign showing support for Lezlye Zupkus. This is not a geographic coincidence, but families who know the integrity of Vickie Nardello and her contender’s potential damage.

The energy company BNE corporation attempted to install two 500-feet tall wind turbines in southern Prospect. While it seemed to be a great idea for green energy, it was actually a terrible concept that would decrease home values throughout southern Prospect while netting no real green energy benefits. BNE would have partially funded this project through government subsidies. Luckily, the state-appointed committee overwhelmingly rejected the project.

When no one would stand up for the people of Prospect, Vickie took action, working against her own party’s wishes, fought for common sense and the rights of the individual. And Zupkus? Her husband is the owner of BNE.

Many see the irony of Zupkus’ “issues” webpage, spouting generalities that offer no substance but are mantras that she has not supported. She states “spend no more than you make” yet supported a government handout to an ill-planned project. She remarks “empower local governments” but was content to allow a state-appointed committee to make a local decision.

I will choose Nardello for her years of advocating fiscal accountability and individual rights. More importantly, I will choose the candidate with a record of doing the right thing when it mattered, not just simply talking about it.

Josh Walker