Letter: Nardello remains the right choice


To the editor,

Reading Tom Galvin’s letter to the editor slamming Vickie Nardello and the Democrats for all the ills of the state, I am surprised he did not recollect that Rep. Nardello has served under Republican governors for 16 of her 18 years in office.Yes, in fact Republican John Rowland served from 1995 to 2004 and then Republican Jodi Rell from 2004 to 2011. As a staunch Republican, I was extremely disappointed in these republican governors and I’m sure you were as well.

So the workings of one of 151 state representatives is the reason for Connecticut’s problems and not the Republican governors who signed all the legislation into law, approved each budget and all the bonded borrowing?

In fact, Vickie Nardello stands on principle, something in short supply from our elected officials these days as we all recognize. She will tell you the truth, and yes her opinions may differ from yours, but isn’t that natural after all? Isn’t that the spirit of democracy from our very beginnings?

Don’t let the negative ads deter you from a logical course of action in this upcoming election. Vickie has made it clear to me from the start of this campaign that she would not resort to any negative tactics, a position I wholeheartedly supported. Unfortunately this has not been the case with her challenger’s campaign.

So remember what you have received in the mail, the poll calls you’ve received from the challenger and then what you’ve received from Rep. Nardello. The approach used by each campaign speaks volumes. Simply listen.

Vickie Nardello remains the right choice on Nov. 6.

Timothy C. Reilly