Letter: Morning-after pill encourages sinful lives


letters_flatTo the editor,

Is this country headed toward a dictatorship? Or communism?

Why does our government increasingly tell us how to live and take away our rights?

Recent newspaper headlines read, “FDA lifts age limits on sale of morning-after pill.”

How can parents raise their daughters, guide and supervise them to lead decent, moral lives as they approach the maturity of adulthood, when this bill encourages them to engage in sexual activity and to do it because they can get the morning-after pill and get away with it. It cries out to young girls, “Try it. Try it.”

The availability of the morning-after pill encourages girls to lead sinful, immoral lives.

These children have no clue as to the ramifications of this issue on themselves, their futures or their parents’ futures.

It destroys discipline within the family unit. It decimates the parents’ rights to discipline within the family structure.

Where are these youngsters going to get $50 to pay for a pill if they don’t need their parents’ permission?

Would you want your daughter(s) ages 11 to 16 to use this pill without your permission or guidance?

Is our government overturning our American way of life to a dictatorship? This is not China.

Virginia Donnelly