Letter: Marching for a change


letters_flatTo the editor,

The horror that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14 broke our hearts. Whether we knew someone at the school or not, we are all affected by the terror forced upon those children and their educators that day. How could we not be affected?  We are human. We now need our government to hear our human voice; more must be done to keep our children safe.

I hope that many of my fellow local citizens will join me and my family on Valentine’s Day at our Capitol to March for Change for safer gun laws. This is about the rights of our children to live free from the fear that a bad guy will get them next at their school (or home, or park, or library, or…).  It is about us as parents and caregivers letting our children know that we will not allow their safety to be second to the rights of others to own weapons of war and bring destruction and death into our society; our society in which children have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Weapons of war belong to those fighting wars, not to those who can use them to mercilessly steal the lives of children in mere moments. I invite you, my neighbors and fellow humanitarians to join together on Feb. 14 to let our government of the people know we demand a change. Please choose love this Valentine’s Day and share your voice. For more about the March for Change, visit www.marchforchange.org.

See you in Hartford,

Lori Paradis Brant

Beacon Falls