Letter: Letters sound like ‘sour grapes’


letters_flatTo the editor,

After reading several [letters to the editor] about the alleged poorly run government in Prospect, it causes me to wonder how Mayor Chatfield keeps getting reelected time after time.

I don’t believe anyone has that many “friends” and/or “supporters” and the residents of Prospect are not stupid enough to keep voting in a mayor who can’t or won’t do what it takes to keep the town running as smoothly and efficiently as his budget allows.

What these [letters to the editor] sound like to me is “sour grapes” coming from mayor wannabe and the town council of the coffee klatch party who are, at least, frustrated at not being able to defeat him at the polls. If they had more to offer, other than whining and complaining, maybe they could have unseated him.

What I also find amusing and somewhat confusing is a hint of “crony capitalism” these so called “friends and supporters of Bob” have minimum operating cots that need to be met. No one in their right mind runs a business to work for nothing or operate at a loss. That would be stupid at best.

Finally, although I am not a Prospect resident, I do have family members who are and I do have concern for how they are affected by how the town they live in is run.

William Grocki