Letter: Laurel Ledge students impress at talent show


letters_flatTo the editor,

On Wednesday night, May 22, Laurel Ledge Elementary School held their annual school-wide talent show. What an entertaining night … the talent was amazing. To see our students in a different light was incredible.

There were 29 acts which included Irish dancing, karate performances, singing, dancing, gymnastics, comedy, keyboards, drums, electric guitar, violin and recorder instrumentals.  There were performances not only by students in grades 1 to 5, but also kindergartners and pre-kindergarteners. The backstage crew and announcers consisted of fifth-grade students. They were incredible. The show ran smoothly.

The audience included parents, grandparents, siblings, fellow students, teachers and the participants themselves. The audience was respectful and enthusiastic. We were so proud to see how they responded to each and every act.

Even though some of the acts brought tears to our eyes, we never stopped smiling. All of the participants did a wonderful job.

The show wouldn’t have been possible without the many parents and students volunteering their time.  As co-chairs of the event, Bernadette Koliani and Janet Bradley created a memorable night for everyone involved. Way to go, Laurel Ledge.

Shannon Kotsaftis

Jill Nardelli

Marlene Ambrosini

Nancy Bernard

Laurel Ledge teachers

Beacon Falls