Letter: Is it an increase or not?


letters_flatTo the editor,

Yes, it is. Recently Prospect politicians have been using “impressive math, and stray facts” to distract us from the real issue in regard to the town budget. Let’s look at it plain and simple: an increase in spending is an increase. Instead of addressing the issue head on, they would rather confuse you, and keep you from seeing the real issue, by adding distractions that try to hide the increase. Why bring up how much the mill rate will increase, and then have you multiply that against what the average assessed value of a typical home is, not counting what Region 16’s portion is, etc., etc.

Why? Because if they can confuse you enough, you may believe it’s really not an increase. After being rejected by voters at a referendum, a “cut” in the budget was made. Not really. A cut in the increase was made. Luckily services were not cut. The budget as it stands is still an increase. Instead of trying to make cuts to an increase, better ways to spend less and get the same service would be the answer. We have a long way to go before services will actually be cut. I for one would like to see the same level of service as last year at the same cost. I realize costs increase, but not by 4 percent across the board.

Leave the smoke and mirrors for the magicians. Politicians already have something up their sleeves … don’t give them more to work with.

Mike Scaviola

Town Council member