Letter: Honor our heroes


letters_flatTo the editor,

“The children come first.” I read the above statement in the newspaper. Mr. Montini, present principal of Cross Street Intermediate School and newly appointed assistant superintendent, spoke those words.

A For Our Troops basketball clinic was recently held at Hillside Intermediate School for fifth- and sixth-grade boys and girls. All monies collected were to be donated to soldiers locally and abroad and two students from Cross Street participating would have purchased 100 gifts for the soldiers.

Aside from the basketball skills being taught, a soldier recently returning from a tour in Afghanistan was invited to speak to the players. What a soldier is and the ultimate sacrifices these soldiers make daily for our country was addressed.

Standing before us was a man of greatness and courage. It was an honor for us to have been in his presence.

Mr. Montini assured me, both in person and on the phone, that the flyers for the clinic would be passed out to all students so parents would have enough time to read the information. He had the facts for over two weeks.

Why were they passed out the last day of registration?

I asked Mr. Montini for an appointment. I wanted to know his response to the above question. None was granted.

“The ultimate purpose of an educator is to make a difference. This position provides me greater opportunity to do this.” Mr. Montini was quoted when asked about being hired as assistant superintendent.

Jim Miele