Letter: Fundraiser for skating rink a success


To the editor,

I want to thank you all [guests] for your support at the portable ice skating rink fundraiser that the Naugatuck Beautification Committee and the Parks and Recreation did together at the Tequila Grill on July 11.

Abel and Robert and their family did such an outstanding job, between making lots of food and all kinds of specialty drinks they kept everyone happy and full. What a great place for a community to come together, it was so wonderful.

All I can say is wow, what a community we have. We started at 5 p.m. and non-stop up until 10:30 p.m. It was out of this world. I cannot express how I felt when the event ended. My heart was so full of love for everyone who came to eat, drink and have some fun, but the best part was what everyone donated. We raised $650 at the fundraiser, we received three individual donations of $100 each from Tender Years Preschool, Dr. Jackie Flynn of Balanced Body Chiropractic Center, and Bob and Lori Turiano.

In addition we have received from Fitzpatrick, Mariano & Santos, Law Firm a $100 donation and from Mendano’s Apizza $25.

So, here is the best news, we are going to do it again and it’s gonna be so much fun. It’s gonna be on Oct. 31, a fundraiser, birthday party, and a trick or treat costume party. So, save the date for the portable ice skating rink.

Hope to see all of you who missed or could not make the event, and again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Linda Ramos

Beautification Committee Chair



  1. Hi,

    Just need to make one change to this letter, it was
    decided to change the next date to November 7th instead
    of doing it on Halloween , since many will be out with
    their children Trick and Treating. So, hope to see
    everyone on November 7th at 5pm at Tequila Grill for
    the next Portable Outdoor Ice Skating Rink Fund Raiser.


    Linda Ramos, Beautification Committee Chair