Letter: Fresh outlook needed


To the editor,

Lezlye Waters Zupkus deserves our vote.

Lezlye’s service to both profit and non-profit businesses has led to her determination to make a difference in the economic climate that characterizes Connecticut as an anti-business state. Democrat Vickie Nardello has a record of voting to raise the income and sales taxes, preventing growth of small businesses and the addition of new jobs. Vickie Nardello also voted to repeal the death penalty, an emotionally charged topic in light of the tragedy that occurred in our town of Cheshire.

Republican candidate Lezlye Zupkus plans on supporting local businesses and creating more jobs by diminishing the oppressive tax burden on both residents and small businesses. Lezlye is not new to politics, but brings with her a new, fresh outlook; a candidate that will fight for economic growth and development in Connecticut.

I urge you to vote for Republican candidate Lezlye Zupkus as the next 89th District representative.

Randy J. Greenberg