Letter: Former school board member responds to letter


letters_flatTo the editor,

This is in response to a letter to the Citizen’s News from Peter Betkoski, Beacon Falls Democratic Town Chairman. I have been involved with Region 16 since its formation in 1968. I find it necessary to correct erroneous information being bantered about in the press over the naming of the new school after Prospect’s Mayor, Robert Chatfield.

Until recently, the weighted vote has not been used. Over the years, we worked together and voted on issues as a group and in the best interest of the children. The record reflects this. The weighed vote is mandated by federal law as reflecting the population. Prospect has 60 percent of the students; Beacon Falls has 40 percent of the students. Mr. Betkoski said the Prospect Town Council attempted to change the name of the one of the schools in the 1970s. That never happened. Town government does not have any legal jurisdiction over the regional school district.

I served on four dissolution committees. There were 10 members — no weighted vote — five from Prospect, five from Beacon Falls. The committees recommended dissolution.  The reports went to the state Board of Education. They turned it down and would not let us withdraw. The Prospect Town Council never voted to change the name of a Region 16 school.

Peter Betkoski, Beacon Falls Democratic Town Chairman, needs to do his homework.

We are proud of our Region as so many of our graduates have excelled in life. This is due to a non-partisan board, the staff, parents and the children. The school system will continue proudly and not be affected by political divisiveness and misinformation.

We, in Prospect, know our Mayor. He goes about his daily activities diligently and without grandstanding. How else would he be elected for 34 years? Many of his daily activities are geared toward the children in Region 16.

As far as the new school goes, if it wasn’t for the efforts of the Mayor, Diane Lauber, the Town Council, and others, we would not have such a terrific site on which to build the school.

The Mayor has withdrawn his name. Keep Community School as the name of the new school.

I will appear anywhere to any group or individuals to clear the misinformation and answer questions. My email address is mariedelage@sbcglobal.net.

Marie M. Delage

Former Region 16 school board member