Letter: Focus on mental health issues


letters_flatTo the editor,

The massacre at Sandy Hook has motivated most lawmakers and wannabes too, to want to impose all kinds of restrictions on the purchase of gun and ammunition. Also, among the anticipated restrictions is an international background check.

Most of these mass murders are committed by people with some type of mental illness issue, not innocent law-abiding citizens with permits or licenses.  

Nancy Lanza was not a good mother. She was an enabler. She knew her son Adam had mental issues yet she both aided and provided him with guns and ammunition. In turn, the sick mind of Adam murdered his own mother. The person who pulls the trigger is the killer not the weapon that is used.

Concentrate on the mental deficiencies of conditions such as alcoholism, drug addiction and those who depend on a daily does of a drug to maintain their mental stability. Most normal people neither own nor want any kind of assault rifle.

Most of these murders are committed by the use of stolen or illegally obtained weapons. If someone is intent on doing harm to another person they won’t let anything stand in their way. They will find whatever weapon they choose to use.

Despite all these considerations the state and cities propose to spend millions of dollars they don’t have to provide armed guards in hallways of schools and to fortify the buildings into prison-like structures. And the list goes on.

All this for a very tragic incident, but one that will not happen again in Connecticut.

One needs only to read a daily newspaper to read about multiple murders committed by the use of guns. The cities of New Haven, Bridgeport and Hartford have annual death tolls of 20 to 40 people shot to death.

Are these deaths acceptable because they happen only in one to three at a time? Where did all those guns come from?

Virginia Donnelly