Letter: First Selectman thanks helpers during storm


letters_flat(Editor’s note: This letter is the March First Selectman’s letter that appears on the Beacon Falls town website.)

To the editor,

By now you have probably forgotten Nemo or Charlotte (choose your name) who hit Beacon Falls fast and hard last month. This storm was unlike any storm Beacon Falls has ever experienced. From Friday morning until Saturday evening 38 inches of snow fell. Our public works crew led by Selectman David D’Amico worked for 36 straight hours trying to keep up with the rapid snow fall. Saturday morning dawned and all roads were impassable.

First and foremost I would like to extend a huge “Thank you” to David D’Amico, yes he is a selectman but Mr. D’Amico spent 36 hours in a plow truck plowing our roads. Then Mr. D’Amico led the public works crew for the next week in the monumental task of removing the snow and widening the roads. In all Mr. D’Amico logged well over 100 hours, keep in mind Mr. D’Amico earns $618.83 monthly as selectman. Plowing snow is not in his job description but with the road foreman out sick and two trucks broken down he stepped up and made it all happen. The next time you run into Dave be sure to say thank you.

The entire public works crew continued to work around the clock, plowing, sanding and shoveling well into each night, 12 to 15 hour days were the norm. Each member of the crew stepped up and made our roads passable and safe.

The following private contractors worked long hard hours with pay loaders, bulldozers and tri axles; Charles Edwards, Jeffrey Kean, Robert Prunzski, Jeff Smith, Brian Swan, James Weed and Mesa Construction. With their equipment in high demand at much higher rates than the town was paying, they all stayed and dedicated their time and talent to open our roads.

The true American spirit was displayed by the residents of Fawn Hill. While the town crews and local contractors were concentrating on opening through streets group residents lined up their snow blowers and cleared their road. This was the ultimate display of helping your neighbor. Thank you to the residents of Fawn Hill you stand as role models.

The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance are working on the municipal budget for fiscal year 2013-14. Together we will present a responsible budget to meet our needs and prepare for the future.

Gerard Smith

First Selectman