Letter: First Selectman talks Beacon Falls


letters_flat(Editor’s note: This letter is the February First Selectman’s letter that appears on the Beacon Falls town website.)

To the editor,

Beacon Falls was awarded a small cities residential rehab grant last year, to be administered in 2013. The grant, which has income restrictions, is intended to bring residential houses up to code, cure blight and improve neighborhoods. So far, over 12 applications have been received, resulting in a waiting list. We have applied for the 2014 program. Currently, two home inspections are underway, and work will progress accordingly. Our intention has been to try to employ local contractors, as we would like to keep the money in town. If you have not yet responded to our outreach, please do so now. Homeowners and contractors wishing to be part of the program should contact Lisa Lowe and Associates at (203) 888-5624.

The annual budget season is in full swing, with every department reviewing the past year in order to prepare a new budget. The First Selectman’s office has instructed all departments to maintain a zero increase in spending. Although there are necessary capital projects, we will review and approve only critical expenditures. The refinancing of existing bonds for sewer, water and other capital projects will help us to maintain our tax base.

With two more possibly snowy months ahead, all property owners are reminded to clear the sidewalks in front of their homes, taking care not to place snow in the cleared roadways. Our hard-working road crews appreciate your cooperation.

Beacon Falls is a small town, run largely by volunteers. If you have expertise in a particular area, or you simply have a desire to invest in your community by sharing your knowledge and talent, please consider serving on one of the many town boards and commissions. These are found on the town website. For further information, contact the First Selectman’s office at (203) 729-4340.

Gerard Smith

First Selectman

Beacon Falls