Letter: First Selectman issues apology


letters_flatTo the editor,

Mr. Huk and the citizens of Beacon Falls:

The 2013 campaign and budget season have begun with a vengeance, and only those involved in the process know of the ugliness and excruciating frustration it brings. However, my own tribulations did not give me an excuse to discredit Mr. Huk in my May First Selectman’s letter. He and the other members of the Board of Finance have worked long hours on the 2013-14 municipal budget. I publicly criticized Mr. Huk and I publicly apologize for my decision to not speak with him personally.

Going forward, I will continue to do what the people of Beacon Falls elected me to do. I will run the Town of Beacon Falls and continue to fight for what is best for the town.


Gerard F. Smith

First Selectman

Beacon Falls