Letter: Election is about what’s best for country


To the editor,

The presidential election coming up on Nov. 6 shouldn’t be about Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. It should be about what is best for the United States of American.

If the present course is maintained we are headed for a total meltdown as occurred in the former Soviet Union. Do we want that?

I would think that most everyone would understand that you can’t continue to spend more money than you take in whether it’s for a home, town, city, state (like Connecticut does) or our present administration in Washington D.C. H ell in D.C. they don’t even have a budget. How dumb is that?

The President who is presently in office should be removed as any private employee is removed when their performance is inadequate.

Let us hope common sense prevails, and we elect a person that has business experience and a proven track record that would be good for our country.

I think one giant step in the right direction, regardless of who is elected, would be to review the amount of money we send out to countries all over the world. Our State Department is obviously under the impression money buys friends. We should know by now it doesn’t. We even send foreign aid to China with money we borrow from them. How stupid is that?

I feel a great deal of money could be saved by cutting foreign aid back or stop completely depending on the circumstances. Any country that allows our diplomats to be murdered should be on the top of the list to stop any aid.

Imagine how much better it would be to put these funds towards domestic programs, and I don’t mean contraceptives for the woman who appeared before Congress stating she required over $3,000 a year to pay for hers.

We need a president that can bring people together so that they can solve our problems. The one we now have has divided the Congress instead of bringing them together as a true leader would do. Through leadership differences can be negotiated for the good of the country to solve our problems instead of the political games now being played by all sides.

It’s time to take off the pink glasses or your head out of the sand and reexamine the last four years. Do you want this out of control spending to continue? Do you want a president who obviously lacks leadership and appears on TV shows when he should be concentrating on the responsibilities of the office of the President of the United States of America?

It doesn’t matter how your grandparents or parents voted as those were different times than we’re going through now. This President is a danger to our Democracy and individual freedoms as well as our safety with his policies.

I do hope common sense prevails and he’s removed from office before any more damage occurs under his sloppy watch.

If he is reelected may God help us all.

David R. Scott

Beacon Falls