Letter: Durley made Beacon Falls Library blossom


letters_flatTo the editor,

In Marsha Durley’s 14 years as library director for the Beacon Falls Public Library, we have seen our small library blossom into a much-loved establishment in the town. The library has grown with the times, and in many cases, it is ahead of the times.

Marsha has done an exemplary job in leading our library into the future. It is not just a building filled with books, it is an integral part of the community. Everyone feels welcome when he or she walks through the doors, and there is something for everyone. Marsha has led our library into the digital age. Under her direction, we have established areas for every walk of life, from early childhood to life-long learning. There are programs given to satisfy all age groups, and we constantly get positive feedback from those who attend. 

Beacon Falls is very lucky to have had someone as talented and knowledgeable as Marsha leading their library to where it is today. The Board of Trustees has nothing but the highest praise for Marsha, and wishes her the absolute best in her retirement and all her future endeavors.  


Beacon Falls Library Board of Trustees