Letter: Conroy is the choice in the 105th District


To the editor:

I recently reviewed Len Greene’s voting record during his one term as a state representative for the 105th district, which includes Beacon Falls, Seymour and Derby. I was amazed to learn that Mr. Greene has consistently voted against important bills, which were considered by the legislature. I was disturbed to learn that Len Greene:

Voted no on a program to help unemployed post-9/11 veterans receive job training and find work.

Voted no on legislation to make it easier for people to register to vote.

Voted no on establishing the Connecticut Bioscience Collaborative to promote a bioscience industry in our state.

Voted no on giving towns more affordable options for purchasing employee health insurance to save taxpayer money.

Voted no on legislation providing new internet dating safety protections.

Told women no when he advocated for a budget that cut funding for breast and cervical cancer screenings for women without insurance.

Mr. Greene has opposed many pieces of legislation that are very important to women, children and unemployed people and their families during these challenging times. As a result, I will not be voting for Len Greene on Nov. 6. One term is enough for “Mr. No.” Indeed, I will be voting to return Theresa Conroy to the state House of Representatives.

Susan Wisneski

Beacon Falls