Letter: Conroy has the best quality of leadership


To the editor,

Do you live in live in Seymour, Derby, or Beacon Falls?  Theresa Conroy is the person we need as our state representative in the 105th District.  With her vast knowledge and experience (especially in healthcare) she has led the way tirelessly as advocate for programs to benefit public health, education, our military and veterans, and local environment.

An RN for over 30 years in high stress, life and death situations, Theresa proved again and again that she can solve tough problems. In her service on committees such as environment, public health, and the Select Committee on Veterans, she showed her knack for bringing people together in agreement on very difficult issues.

Theresa delights in serving us, perceiving herself our servant and us her paymasters.  She knows our hopes, needs, and interests. She more than hears us — she listens. She knows the ins and outs of healthcare, for after earning college and university degrees in nursing and psychology she went on to a master of science in nursing. Then she worked her way up to nursing management, having earned respect as an effective leader.

Theresa has the best quality of leadership: honesty. Always accepting responsibility for her actions and words, she makes decisions based on knowledge and skills. Most of all, Theresa practices what she preaches. She keeps the promises she makes. We can depend on her. And therefore Theresa Conroy deserves our votes.

Joseph A. Luciano