Letter: Concerts on the Green are to enjoy music


letters_flatTo the editor,

For what reason do Naugatuck folks attend the concerts on the Green?

Is it the most logical one because they like the band that is playing or they just like the music?

Some people actually do go just to enjoy the music. Others go to meet with and commiserate with friends they don’t often see.

Some go and chatter the night away nonstop while the pitch of their voices rises high enough to drown out the music that people surrounding them name to hear and can’t.

And then there are the parents who come to get relief from their children. They drop their kids off at the Green and set them free. These children’s activities are unmonitored and unsupervised all night. Most of them are pre-teens and bring their scooters or Razors.

These unsupervised and undisciplined youngsters are the terrorists of the sidewalks on the Green. They tear up and down the sidewalks not attempting to stop for anyone. They show no manners nor thought of safety toward anyone who happens to cross their path.

It is really shameful to see the way these children race and ride collision courses and force adults, senior citizens and handicap people off the sidewalks. People are forced to jump out of the way to avoid getting injured or knocked down by children riding scooters or Razors so recklessly and uncaring.

Virginia Donnelly