Letter: Concerns voiced over state of schools


letters_flatTo the editor,

I have debated for many months on whether I should write and voice concerns for what goes on in our schools and how it affects our children. I work in one of the elementary schools here in the valley. I have seen many changes in my time in the school and I must say it has only made it to where the children seem to run the school and not the adults.

They are out of control and each day I hope that the next day will be better and yet it just gets worse. I have talked with many teachers and paraprofessionals and they have the same concerns and are at a loss as to what can be. We just shake our heads and hope that the changes will help but they have not. The children are so loud and disrespectful when they are in the cafeteria. Many things have been tried and the problem has yet to be solved or even just to get better. They have only gotten worse. The children have to be quiet when they line up to go out for recess and yet they are so loud in cafĂ©. What sense does that make? They don’t even get a full recess period because it takes them so long to stay quiet while they are outside.

Other things I see that go on are, taking things from school, and when it has been reported, it is brushed aside and told to mind my business. Why? It isn’t right. Today, when going to work, there were five doors open to the school. Talk about feeling unsafe at the school, especially since what happened at Sandy Hook. All the doors are supposed to be locked at all times. We have some people who don’t report to the office and expect to be let in school. Why is this not being enforced by our principal? Good question. And at times you will see the children coming into school with one of the aides badges to get into the school, there is no adult with these kids. So many things can happen to the child in that time. I feel anytime a child needs to get into the school, they should always be accompanied by an adult.

I really hope that this gets printed, I know that many people read this newspaper and I do hope that people stop and listen when their child says these things are happening and they are believed. Some of us at the elementary school are outraged, but our voices are not being heard or taken seriously. I hope that this may even provoke people to take a look at the policies at their child’s school and find out if all is being done in the best interest of their child.

Elizabeth Provost