Letter: Choose substance over slogans


To the editor,

As this election draws closer, it is disconcerting to see how little actual information some candidates are presenting to voters. Catchy phrases and vague insinuations seem to be more the order of the day and this trend has found its way to the race for state representative in the 89th District.

Lezlye Zupkus has presented a very well packaged set of slogans with not a bit of substance behind them. Visiting her campaign website and clicking on the word “issues” brings up a page showing her “Common Sense Commitment,” but which references nothing about how she would address even one issue. Attending the debate held in Cheshire on Oct. 11 provided no further insight into her thoughts about what she might do as our representative in Hartford. Her lack of specifics leads one to wonder if she has looked into any of the concerns faced by our district much beyond the level of talking point formation. Perhaps it’s my own cynicism, but I feel that if an individual will not do the research and have the conviction to take a stand in order to get themselves elected and sent to the Capitol on our behalf, what is there to make anyone believe they will do the work required to properly represent us once they’re in office?

Vickie Orsini Nardello works for the 89th District both literally and figuratively. She is always ready to hear her constituents concerns, field their questions, and do what she can to help them with problems. She has a proven record which she stands by and which is a credit to her commitment to those she serves. She does not cloak her campaign in slogans or attacks on her opponent preferring to stick to the facts on decisions effecting our community.

Vickie Nardello has the persistence and the strength to be a powerful, thoughtful, dedicated voice for us in the General Assembly and the work ethic to do that job well. I would like to see her continue to be that voice for the people of the 89th District and I ask your readership to consider joining me in supporting Vickie Orsini Nardello on Nov. 6.

Nancy M. Spagnolo