Letter: Budget doesn’t cut real fat


letters_flatTo the editor,

“Team Chatfield” continues to insult the intelligence of Prospect voter-taxpayers. Rather than cutting the real fat in their budget proposal such as Mayor Bob’s town-employee friends’ huge raises and the money going to his friendly contractors, Mayor Bob, hiding behind kids’ backpacks, threatens to curb school snow removal if he can’t get his way with our money.

The arrogance of Mayor Bob in protecting Friends of Bob (FOBs) is breathtaking. But what else would you expect from someone who has monopolized Prospect’s seat of power since Jimmy Carter was inaugurated in 1977?  GOP Chairman Thomas Galvin urged voters to review Prospect’s website to understand Mayor Bob’s budget plans. Where on the website will we see any substantial cuts to the FOBs? Nowhere. Mr. Galvin failed to point that out in his nonsensical letter last week. Prospect voter-taxpayers will have another opportunity to take back our town from Mayor Bob’s elite “in-crowd” by voting no on Monday June 10.

Dominick J. Mirabelle