Letter: Borough woman thanks good Samaritan


letters_flatTo the editor,

I would like to thank a beautiful good Samaritan. I was unconscious due to an injury I received April 23, 2013 at 111 Mallane Lane.

I injured my foot and due to the injury the pain was unbelievable. I had my puppy with me. I tried to make sure to try to walk up the hill to return home. Due to the pain, I passed out.

A lovely young woman came to my rescue. She called 911 and stayed with me, grabbed my puppy and called my husband. Also, a young Naugatuck police woman came and stayed with me until the medics came.

I would like to than Danaiel for her help and concern, which my husband and I are greatly thankful, and also my next door neighbor, who also stayed with me until the medics came.

Yours truly,

Michaele and Denise Macioce