Letter: Boot drive receives overwhelming support


To the editor,

On Saturday, Dec. 22 the Beacon Falls firehouse and police department held a boot drive to collect money for the families in Sandy Hook. I would like to thank everyone who donated. We had a tremendous turnout.

I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped out. Thanks to the Beacon Falls fire department and the Beacon Falls police department. They worked tirelessly moving trucks, setting up cones, making sure the roads were safe for everyone. Thank you to our First Selectman Gerard Smith for his time and devotion to this event.

Thank you to all the volunteers, parents, students from Laurel Ledge, Long River, and Woodland. Thank you to all the families who showed up to help.

Would also like to thank Beacon Falls Pizza for their donation of pizzas and Beacon Falls Bakery for pastries. Also thanks to an anonymous donor who had pizzas and soda sent from Antonio’s Pizza.

If I forgot anyone I apologize. You know we thank you and appreciate all you did.

Beacon Falls is a wonderful, close knit town. It showed Saturday with the amount of donations and support we received. Thank you so very much.

Melissa Warner

Beacon Falls