Letter: Billboard takes cheap shot at McMahon


To the editor,

The billboard recently unveiled in Bridgeport along Route 95 that attacks Linda McMahon is a sexist, cheap shot. Why is it that a woman who worked hard and achieved success with no help from anyone is the recipient of attacks by leading Democrats, who claim to be pro-women, including Senator Blumenthal?

It was suggested by the owners of the sign company in an interview reported in the GreenwichTime.com article that the Senator actually signed the billboard while visiting the sign company, because he “couldn’t resist.”

Linda McMahon actually has created hundreds of jobs in Connecticut. Can Senator Blumenthal say the same? Moreover, Linda and her husband never had an easy moment when she was pregnant with their first child. They couldn’t afford health care, they ran up huge bills, and it took them over a year to pay off their doctors.

In its July 6, 2012 editorial “Senate Campaign: Fear the smear”, the Waterbury Republican points out how like Senator Blumenthal, candidate Chris Murphy is also known for just this kind of smear attack. As reported, Murphy recently made up facts about the “Ryan Budget plan” during a speech in Southbury that were blatantly untrue; and in 2010 made up false stories about his Republican opponent’s connection to a former Waterbury mayor. As voters we do not want nor do we deserve a sitting Senator or an aspiring one, to continue with this kind of campaign.

In 2012, Chris Murphy has the opportunity to do the right thing by separating himself from Senator Blumenthal and his own past tactics. If he does not, Linda’s opponents will demonstrate, once again, that they are pro-woman, unless the woman is a Republican.

Michael A. Krenesky

Beacon Falls