Letter: Appreciates work of crews in Beacon Falls


letters_flatTo the editor,

I would like to take a moment to extend a note of appreciation to our town crews, treatment plant operators, and other civil servants who have acted beyond the call to maintain our roads, keep our town fully operational, and make safe our streets for all of our residents. Some may say that it is part of their job, or that they get paid more for working extra hours, but I find it rather unlikely that they would prefer several endless days and nights of hard labor, while away from their families to those perks, and I thank them for the sacrifices made.

Many people live their daily lives without one thought towards how their roads are maintained or how their plumbing operates. They rarely realize the effort, time and technology that go into keeping our daily lives functional, and for good reason, because the men and women performing these tasks do an incredible job.

It is easy to get upset when something doesn’t work, or traffic is at a standstill, but I ask that we each take some time to reflect and recall the countless days that these amenities were available without restriction. I also ask that we keep these thoughts in our heads for those moments when we are late for work due to construction, or are stuck behind a plow, and appreciate that those workers are performing tasks that keep our day-to-day lives working smoothly. In addition, I request that we all start acting in ways to make it easier on these people, slowdown in work zones, don’t flush rags and chemicals down drains, and to come out and support them when possible at town meetings and votes.

Thank you, be safe and stay warm.

Michael Opuszynski

Beacon Falls