Letter: Appalled at direction of school project


To the editor,

I was appalled to read (June 29) of the newest misadventure for Region 16 and the $47.5 million school construction project. They are working with nearly $50 million and yet no one bothered to actually read the recorded documents? So the citizens were fed false information before bonding this.

Then comes the news that the project is already over-budget $400,000 and construction hasn’t even started. Everyone there blames others. It sure is easy to blow $400K when it isn’t your money or your kids’ education.

The incompetence of the managers, school supervisor, advisors, architect, and construction firm is stunning. If I was this bad in my job I would fire myself.

The board should dismiss all of the “professionals” associated with this mess, review James Agostine’s pension (since he set this up before leaving), and start with a new team of administrators who are willing to be responsible for what they claim in town meetings.

Now that everyone knows the raggedy path this project is on the Board of Education will have no escape from liability if their current hired crew continues to err in research, execution, and judgment.

Richard Gard

Beacon Falls