Letter: A busway to nowhere


To the editor,

Democrat Vicki Nardello has been in office for 18 year and has continually supported spending taxpayer money that we don’t have on pet projects for special interests.

A perfect example of this is the busway, now being called CT Fastrack. The busway is going to connect two communities, New Britain and Hartford but cost all Connecticut residents over $560 million dollars to construct. That’s $60 million per mile or nearly $1,000 per inch.  That doesn’t include the $12 million each year to operate the busway and to subsidize the tickets enough to bribe people to use the busway.

This is another example of how Vicki Nardello has become out of touch with the people she is supposed to represent. We need a leader that will represent our communities not, not the special interests, that’s why I’ll be voting for Lezlye Zupkus to represent Bethany, Cheshire and Prospect this Nov. 6.  I hope you join me in supporting Lezlye so we can get come common sense back in Hartford.

Alexander Delelle