Letter to the editor: Revisit of Beacon Falls town budget – Services in jeopardy


Last weeks defeat of the town budget in Beacon Falls was for many a disappointment. Many residents suggested eliminating the garbage services to bring the budget down.

All of the residents who have suggested eliminating this service already have an outside vendor to collect their trash through their condo association. These residents have chosen this lifestyle and should have considered the “double-dipping” if you will, prior to purchasing the condo. It happens in every town.

It is not the responsibility of the Board of Selectman or Finance to monitor real-estate purchases and the tax implications that occur; the homeowner needs to look at their expenses.

I believe Chatfield Farms charges well over $400 a month for monthly common charges. The owners of these properties made a choice of where they live, not the town.

Residents in town who have the trash collection service should not be penalized because others suggest the removal of this service.

I am a condo owner and resident of Beacon Falls and understand the frustration of a tax increase, however we are not alone, every town faces these very same issues. The amount of overall tax increase was less then 1 mill; the budget presented was very conservative, fair and appropriate for the hard fiscal climate in which we are a part.

We need to move forward, pass a budget and get on with the business at hand.

Anita Goerig
Beacon Falls


  1. I has to do with where you choose to live, just like where you choose to send your kids to school. What you’re suggesting about garbage pickup would be the same as someone sending their child to private (elementary or high) school suggesting they shouldn’t be responsible for the education portion of the budget in our town.

    Here’s another way to look at it. To suggest that all the residents of the town for whom the town handles garbage pickup now take on the extra work of contracting someone to handle extra work that comes with keeping track of contractors and invoices and scheduling task when it’s already handled by the town and has been since most of us chose to live here is ridiculous and frankly selfish. When you moved in to Chatfield Farms, you knew what the town’s services were. If you thought it was more than you wanted, you shouldn’t have come. If you didn’t like the rule that developments have their own trash pickup which is non-impacting on the town’s tax system, which you seem to have agreed to at the time, you shouldn’t have come.

  2. As a resident of Chatfield Farms, I take issue with A. Goerig’s May 10th letter to the editor. The residents of Chatfield Farms pay a private contractor to pick up their garbage and pay our town taxes which the town spends to have a private contractor pick up everyone else’s garbage. If the town officials had any sense of fairness, they would simply pay our bill for garbage pickup(about $200/home/yr). Instead they propose a budget with a $400,000 line for garbage pickup and then wonder why some people don’t see a reason for the town to spend that money. Having your garbage picked up is a basic service that the town should either provide for everyone or for no one, but not just for some.