Letter to the editor: Facebook group’s actions appalling

Although I am not an alumni, I am a friend and a parent of three children who attend St. Francis. I have been added to the Facebook group (opposed to the name change for the merged Catholic schools in Naugatuck) for one purpose and that is to write this post.

I recently learned that my daughter and her friends were added to this group without their permission. Consequently that also brought all of their personal pictures to the site as well.

I was appalled to learn that some of their personal moments were on display for people who we did not know to see. Those pictures came without these children even having to accept the request for the addition to this group.

As I have tried to learn more about this site I have read through the postings. I cannot help but wonder a couple of things. The administrators continually request that all interactions be done in a polite manner, with kindness and respect. Where then I ask was the kindness and respect for these children? How many other people have been added to this site without their consent or knowledge?

This certainly doesn’t seem like the Christian thing to do to me. And if these numbers are solely based on the number of people who do not know nor care about this situation, than the whole thing is based on lies.

I also cannot help but wonder about the motivation of some of the administrators of this site; one who choose to remove his/her children from the school. Another who will only speak by anonymity, obviously that person does not want pictures of his children splashed across this page.

I hope all of these administrators have been supporting these financially failing schools in all ways and will continue to do so regardless of what the outcome is. After all, what we are trying to accomplish here is a Catholic education in Naugatuck for those of us who want it.

I understand that people are upset by this and more power to you to do what you feel is necessary, however it should not be done at the expense of children or people who have not asked to be a part of this.

It is sad and unfortunate that this is happening to these schools, but I believe our children have suffered enough with this disaster. I do not believe they need to be brought into an adult situation merely for their “number”.

Please, I respectfully, kindly and politely ask that some administrator actually learn how this whole “Facebook” thing works and monitor this site a little more closely. Please show respect for those people who do not want to be involved. I certainly hope I don’t see any more of my children’s names or pictures associated with this site.

What I will do is help my children through this transition with the grace and innocence that they deserve as children of a school that is going though a crisis. I certainly will not take part of using children for any personal gain.

Julie Marzano