Letter to the editor: Safety concerns in Prospect turbine plans

I am for green energy. I am for wind energy. I am for both in Prospect. However, I do not support the proposed wind turbine project in Prospect for one reason – safety. The turbines will simply be too close to residences and especially Route 69. I don’t think anyone is saying this project doesn’t have some benefits for Prospect; they’re simply saying they should be placed where no one will be in harm’s way.

I fully support a citizen’s right to be a proponent of this project, but at what cost? Are you such an advocate that you are willing to support the turbines and possibly affect so many people’s lives simply because you don’t believe their fear is real and credible? Remember, they have nothing to gain other than keeping their quality of life whereas BNE will stand to make substantial profits.
For the record, I do not live in the area that will be directly affected; I am just a concerned citizen that has the back of fellow residents who are concerned and fearful for their livelihood. That’s what bothers me most – we are a small, close-knit town and the fact that so many of our residents have concerns, whether you want to dismiss them as erroneous or not, should be taken into consideration. We should come to their aid because when the shoe’s on the other foot, you too will want support in your fight for whatever it may be.

Jeff Sarnelli
Prospect, CT